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Tesla Model X
AMPTech® Tesla Model X Frunkautomatik

Comfortable opening and closing.

Model X Automatic Frunk

Closing the front luggage compartment is especially impractical in bad weather and when the front bonnet is dirty. The manual closing mechanism requires pushing down the wet bonnet with both hands. The AMPTech Frunkautomatic solves this problem by fully automating the opening and closing process.

Closing via the button
Tesla Display
Opening and closing via the screen in the interior
Tesla Key Fob
Opening and closing via the Tesla Key Fob
Tesla / AMPTech App
Opening and closing via the Tesla/AMPTech app

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Product description

In addition to the rear luggage compartment, all Tesla models have a further luggage compartment located at the front. Where the engine is located in conventional cars, the Tesla offers extra storage space, with a small hook. Access to the so-called frunk is only possible manually with the standard equipment. In addition to the resulting lack of comfort, closing the bonnet correctly is often a particular challenge. To prevent deformation of the bonnet, it is necessary to close the frunk with both hands. One-handed or hands-free operation has not been possible until now. Furthermore, a wet or dirty bonnet further limits the usability of the front luggage compartment. For these reasons, this additional storage space is hardly used by Tesla owners. To overcome these limitations and also make access to the frunk convenient and touch-free, AMPTech's Frunkautomatic system allows the front bonnet to be opened and closed fully automatically.

  • The automation of the opening and closing process allows convenient access to the front boot even when the front bonnet is wet or dirty.
  • The extension is seamlessly integrated into your Tesla. It can be operated effortlessly using the Tesla Keyfob, the Tesla app, via the screen in the interior and also the button in the front boot.
  • Of course, Tesla Motors' built-in front boot safety mechanisms remain fully intact. The uncompromising compatibility typical of AMPTech.

More details on the Model X Automatic Frunk

At the heart of all AMPTech systems is an intelligent control unit that continuously monitors the vehicle status and centrally controls all elements of the extension. The front luggage compartment is opened by means of an electronic automatic lift, the speed and opening position of which can be adjusted in six stages. During the closing process, the front bonnet first lowers and is then gently pulled into the lock and secured by means of a softclose mechanism. If the closing process is obstructed by an object, an integrated overload protection detects the problem and stops the process. In addition, the control unit only allows the frunk to be opened when the Tesla is at a standstill and the selector lever is in the park position. If the emergency release of the frunk is operated from inside the front boot while driving (e.g. by unsecured luggage), the sophisticated mechanism secures the front bonnet and prevents it from opening. At the same time, the driver is immediately warned via the on-board electronics.

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