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Automatic door handles with LED lighting for Tesla Model 3 / Y

Automatic door handles with LED lighting for Tesla Model 3 / Y

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The special mechanics of the door handles of the Tesla Model 3 pose a challenge, especially when your hands are full. Based on the automatically extending door handles that are already installed as standard in the Tesla Model S, the AMPTech automatic handle system was developed for the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Model 3. With the help of the extending AMPTech automatic handle, the door can easily be opened with a single finger.

Handles extend automatically as soon as:

- The Tesla Key Fob or mobile phone key is within reach - Only available when the vehicle is not in idle mode (guard mode switched on)

- The AMPTech control unit recognizes your cell phone using the built-in BLE chip. If you have set up the BLE function, the handles will automatically extend even if the vehicle is deeply asleep.

- The vehicle is unlocked
- The P button in the vehicle is pressed
- The handles remain in the extended position for approx. 15 seconds
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